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Our new innovative way to respond to

the immediate needs of people.

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Love Does is part of the Parachute Ministry Initiative, 

inspired by Bob Goff, the author of Love Does.

we reflect the

heart of god...

By serving beyond our campus. 

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child protection program

Safety first! Our policy keeps kids safe, it keeps workers safe from liability, and it keeps our congregation safe from accidents and abuse. It's about safety! We want to make sure that all those who lead, supervise, or interact with children act safely and in a Christian manner. We want to equip chaperons and leaders to make wise decisions and respond to unusual situations appropriately. This requires a brushup every few years. All those we work with children at St. Peter's must be certified in our Child Protection Program.

Please contact George Denholm at (812) 372-1571 x2128 to register for a class. Classes are never "full," but will be cancelled when no one signs up.

Training lasts an hour; first time certification includes an interview that may require another 45 minutes. Background check applications can be submitted prior to the class expedite to process.

Upcoming training dates are:

    Tuesday, Jan. 16, 6:30pm

    Saturday, Feb. 3, 10am

    Tuesday, Feb. 6, 6:30pm

Before you attend our Child Protection Program training, please fill out the certification form:

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