Life | care

Life | Care ministries are built on Jesus' promise that "I will never leave you or forsake you."  (Hebrews 13:5). 

Serving shoulder-to-shoulder we experience the blessings that come from walking alongside one another and experience the unconditional love of Christ in a very tangible way. 

We walk alongside those unable to attend worship for whatever reason.

We walk alongside those in need of loving comfort in times of crisis, grief, or distress. We pray with those in need of prayer.
We demonstrate the heart of God in all circumstances caring for others. We reach beyond the walls of our campus, connecting in homes and in the community with those members or friends unable to get to campus.

Life | care ministries

  • Shut-Ins

    When you or a family member are unable to come to worship, we can come to you for visits, prayer, and to share communion at your residence. Our team makes more than 500 visits monthly to our shut-ins and friends. 

    To arrange a visit, or to become a part of the team, please contact Julie Terry.

  • Hospital/Hospice

    We have team members who visit the local hospital and hospice everyday of the week, checking in on and praying with our members and friends who are in need.
    Whether you are sick, injured, or recovering from a surgery, we want you to know that we are with you. 

    To arrange a visit from our team, or to join the team, please contact Julie Terry.

  • Pre-surgery Prayer

    To arrange for prayer before surgery, contact Julie Terry.

  • Our Journey of Hope: Cancer Care Ministry

    Illnesses come and go. A diagnosis of cancer changes things for families for a lifetime. There are more needs for a family impacted by cancer that can be ongoing. 

    Our Journey of Hope is a ministry that seeks to walk alongside families impacted by cancer.

    If you or your family have been impacted by cancer, or if you would like to become a member of the team, please contact Jan Matchette, or Jeanie Pfaff.

  • Stephen Ministry

    Stephen Ministers are people trained to walk alongside others through seasons of turbulence. They are steady, confidential, calm, friends who are able to listen compassionately and pray confidently for those who are in need. They do not judge, nor do they counsel, guide or direct. Most of us have plenty of people trying to tell us what to do. Stephen Ministers provide comfort and support while you are going through challenging times, for as long as you need them. 

    Connect with Jennifer Speer, to work with a Stephen Minister, or to receive more information about becoming a Stephen Minister. 

Life | care

For more information or if you are interested in serving, 

please contact the church office