sunday MOrning Bible Class options

SPRING schedule:  MARCH 29 - MAY 17, 2020

Understanding the Bible – George Denholm, India Room (2161)

     We are regularly told to read the Bible – but some of it seems so hard to understand.  Each week, we will look at basic principles for understanding the Bible and apply these principles to sections of Scripture.  Through the Holy Spirit and class discussion, we will see to understand what God is saying to each of us in His Word.


Living the Lutheran Confessions - Do they still matter today? Vicar Matt Berry, Room 5108

     The Lutheran Confessions -- the 'road map' of the LCMS. Do they still matter today? Vicar Matt welcomes all 'navigators' to come and explore that question together. This class continues through Palm Sunday.


Bible Investigation Class (BIC) – Mark Teike, Room 2164

     The Bible Investigation Class is offered for those who want to learn more about the Bible, who want to learn what it means to have a relationship with Jesus, or who have an interest in becoming members of St. Peter's. It is open to members as well as non-members.  
This class is a continuation from the winter classes.


Galatians Pastor Chad Foster, Cafeteria

    This course will explore Paul's epistle to the Galatians from a Hebraic roots perspective, examining the historical and Jewish cultural context necessary to decipher the epistle. Be prepared for some conventional understandings to be challenged and to receive new insights into the Paul of the first-century. Click HERE for Pastor Chad's teaching website. This class is a continuation from the winter classes.

Small Groups – various leaders, meet in various rooms around the building

     To allow as many people as possible to participate in small groups, we will make classrooms available during the Sunday Education Hour.  This will allow families to have their children cared for while they are studying.

  • Elsbury/Ruch Small Group in Library
  • Montgomery in Room 2259



God’s Garden

Childcare for 0-2, Room 2123

     Even the youngest ones will discover the love of Jesus

Ages 3—Kindergarten, Room 2131

     Learn that we have a powerful God who loves each of us.


PathFinders (Grades 1-4), Room 2122

     Learn how to love God, love others, and make disciples!


Quest (Grades 5 & 6), Room 4104/The Summit

     Pre-teens will have a safe place to BE BOLD as they address their doubts and find their wings.


Trek: Explore (Grades 7 & 8), Cheryl Carothers, Gymnasium

     Students meet with adult guides to look at Lutheran doctrine and our Christian lifestyle.


Sr Hi (Grades 9-12)

Youth are encouraged to attend class with the adults, to assist with Children’s Ministry, or to serve in a ministry!


March 18 - May 20, 2020

      Meal served 5:30-6:15pm in the Cafeteria

      Classes meet 6:30-7:45pm

Schedule will be modified slightly during Lent (February 26 - April 1).

Finding Your SHAPE for Ministry (or SHAPE), January 8, 15, 22, & 29 - George Denholm, Room 2164

     God has created each of us as unique with differing sets of abilities and gifts but as One Body.  This class will help you discover who God has created you to be.  It is the second step in the "new member process", but all Christians can benefit from participating.

Bible Study in Small Groups

Various Leaders, Various rooms around the building

     God's Word comes alive when we discuss with others how they live it out in their lives.  Using various materials, these groups meet weekly to walk through life together in light of God's Word.

  • Rob Motosicky - Room 5110 (Science Room)

Torah LiveChad Foster, Sanctuary

     This course will move through the first five books of the Bible from a distinctively Jewish perspective.  Torah Live will give you insights and practical applications that will enable you to have a richer understanding of Jesus our Messiah as well as a deeper relationship with our Father in heaven.  Click HERE for Pastor Chad's teaching website.


Caring Community - Room 2163/Library

     A group of people who want to share life and care for each other.

CrossSpan (first & third weeks of each month) - Gary Goshorn/Tina Rajanayakam, Rooms 5108, 5119

     Mutual support for families dealing with Alzheimer’s.

Angels of Hope (first week of the month) - Kylee Jones/Megan Bozell, Parlor Room off Narthex

      This is a support group for families grieving the loss of a baby through miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss, looking for ways to find hope again through Christ.

SMART Recovery - Erica Stark, Room 4107 (Base Camp)

     These weekly meetings are designed to help people manage recovery from any type of addictive behavior.  The SMART recovery program is discussion based, giving participants the tools and techniques to support recovery.


Pathfinders (Grades 1-6) - Children’s Ministry team, Room 2122/The Park

     Learn how to love God, love others, and make disciples!


God’s Garden (Birth–K) - Children’s Ministry team, Room 2129

     Childcare with learning activities about Jesus!

Childcare is available as part of Pathfinders & God’s Garden