2020 Vision Updates

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2020 Vision - Maximize School Potential update from Principal Scott Schumacher

2020 Vision - Parachute Model update from Jan Kiel, Director of Life | Works

2020 Vision - Life | Community & Life | Fitness update from Pastor Chad, Director of Life | Community.

Purpose & Vision

Our Purpose as the Body of Christ at St. Peter's is to:

      Be rooted in Christ,

      Cultivate loving relationships,

      Reflect Jesus in all we do

      for the transformation of lives

      & the growth of God's Kingdom.

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People Matter

Everyone who comes onto the property of St. Peter's (members, guest, staff) will be warmly welcomed and treated with kindness and respect.


We believe that our strength lies in the diversity in each of our individual staff and congregational members. We will welcome all people to our ministries and be open to consider any idea or expression of ministry that is not forbidden in the scriptures.


We believe that the work of the church is more important than any one person. Therefore, we will not elevate ourselves or our personal opinions above the God-honoring work of the Body
of Christ. 

Quest for Excellence

The culture of St. Peter's is a culture that will constantly seek to be more effective in its work. We will not offer anything less than our best as we seek to do ministry and we will foster an environment to be more effective in all that we do.

2020 Vision

The People of St. Peter’s reflect the heart of God.”

Our Core Values are the essence of who we are as a congregation. These are non-negotiable for who we are called to be. St. Peter’s 2020 Vision is a view of what the future will look like in the year 2020 to fulfill our Purpose while living out our Core Values.

Led by the Spirit, in the year 2020, “The People of St. Peter’s will reflect the heart of God.” This is lived out by all who consider St. Peter’s their church home, who are on the St. Peter’s staff, and who are students of our school. 

Home is a place of safety, security, acceptance, warmth, and where you can be yourself.


The People of St. Peter’s walk alongside each other regardless of their situation. An environment of transparency exists where we all acknowledge that we are vulnerable, experience turbulence, and have things with which we struggle.


We are all equipped to demonstrate the heart of God (as described in our 12 Declaration Statements) to all with whom we come into contact regardless of circumstances or challenges including: intellectual, physical, emotional, economic, cultural, and others.


We are partnering with others in the Body of Christ to bring the presence of Jesus to those beyond our walls.


We all realize each person is unique; therefore, our approach to ministry will be personalized when needed.

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